the very soul of america


is being threatened

Our democracy hasn’t been this threatened since the Civil War, and our voting and civil rights haven’t been attacked so blatantly and openly since the Jim Crow era.


if we have the will

We are the change
we've been waiting for.

Make Good Trouble – Necessary Touble.

White supremacy, fascism, and authoritarianism are alive, and Republicans all over the country are passing laws to try and keep you from voting while keeping their constituents angry with lies, conspiracy theories, and artificial grievances to keep the country divided and discouraged. We cannot let them succeed. We must all vote for those who believe in a multi-cultural democracy, equality, and truth and remain engaged no matter how tired we are.

We must participate
for there to bechange.

Our mission is to promote civic participation to effect progressive change, equality, and social justice to every American, work to slow climate change to ensure our planet is life-sustaining for future generations, and protect and strengthen a multi-cultural democracy.

With informative videos, editorial content, our civic resources center on this website, and our online shop The Advocacy Store, we will provide information on critical legislation moving through Congress, vital upcoming election information, and more to help you become an active and hopefully more informed participant in democracy and help usher in the much-needed change to America.

What kind of country do you want to live in?

Extra-judicial, unwarranted killings by police of unarmed Black Americans, hatred towards the AAPI community, xenophobia against immigrants, bigotry towards Muslims and the LGBTQ+ community, and anti-Semitism are far too prevalent in America still today and has only amplified over the past five years.

Ensuring the rights of every American to exercise their Constitutional right to vote without restriction is something we all must fight to protect.

Republicans in state legislatures around the country are passing voter suppression and subversion laws not seen since the Jim Crow era. Based on the “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was stolen, which also sparked the January 6th insurrection on the Capital of the United States by the MAGA cult and white national domestic terrorists in an attempt to overturn the will of the people.

Our planet is in peril due to climate change, and if we don’t make significant changes and act immediately to cut our greenhouse emissions in half by 2030, our planet will not remain habitable for children who are alive today.

Income inequality is obscene, with 700 billionaires and 50 mega-corporations making trillions in profits during the pandemic alone and continuing to pay little to nothing in taxes, as average Americans struggle to pay outrageous rents and make ends meet.

We have an obligation as citizens to protect and strengthen our fragile democracy and address climate change. Fight for equality, social and racial justice, and reduce the income gap. It is up to us whether America remains and improves on democracy or collapses into authoritarianism.

Latest Videos

Here you will find informative videos and discussions about civic engagement, strengthing our democracy, and little things we can do as citizens to make America better for everyone. We also feature videos from individuals and organizations that are defenders of democracy and equality.

Food for thought

Some editorial content on current affairs, what critical legislation is, or is not, moving through Congress, as well as other stuff that affects our lives based on truth, facts, science, and data.

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